Teacher Websites

Go check out the latest happenings in the classrooms at Heritage Middle School through these websites!

Click on a teacher's name to access their website. If their name is not underlined, they currently do not have a website.

Language Arts

Joy Efrein

Christina Kirkland

Erica Warnke


Sarah Decker

Ariadna Millan

Sarah Vidas


Amber Caulkins

Stacey Krug

Amanda Roberts

Social Studies

Rachel Davis

Rikkie Jensen

Kevin Rhoades


Sarah Gallegos - Art

Rob Lynch - Computer Science

Dan Lopez - Boys PE

Anika Van Orden - Girls PE

Jennifer Gappinger - Band

Open - Choir

Josh Steinberg - Woodshop

Christine Miller - Yearbook

Resource and Title

Pearl Turley - Title 1 Math

Nancy Morgan - Title 1 Reading

Samantha Cea - Resource Reading

Renalyn Logrono - Resource Math